Blogger seo

How to track your Blogger statistics with Google:

  1. Go to Google Analytics to sign up or log in.
  2. When logged in, choose to create a new account and follow the steps.
  3. When you get to “Add Tracking“, open up a new window and log in to your Blogger account.
  4. Go to your blog’s settings and choose “Template” and then “Page Elements“
  5. Have a look at the footer (it has to be the footer!) of the design and choose to “Add a Page Element“.
  6. Find the “HTML/JavaScript” element and then “Add to blog“.
  7. Don’t write anything in the title column.
  8. Copy and paste the code from Google Analytics in the content box and “Save changes”.
  9. Then continue the steps on Google Analytics and you’re done!

Or if you are familiar with coding:

  1. From dashboard – Settings – Template – Edit HTML
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom in the box and locate the tag.
  3. Copy and past the Google code right BEFORE the tag and then save.
  4. To check your stats you just have to click “View Reports”.
  5. If it says “Tracking Unknown” in the status column, you have done something wrong.

Also, you might want to get your blog Google verified (link to tutorial for Blogger) so your blog gets crawled so your chances to show up on search results increases. Here is a tutorial for you users.


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