… dinosaurs

There is a little doubt today (especially among astronomers
and physicists
) that a large asteroid or comet collided the Earth 65 Myr ago.
It cannot be inferred with certainty that this was the only cause of the K–T
extinction, or even that it was the major cause. Other factors, like Deccan
Traps volcanism, could also play a significant role. Note that the competitive
ideas suggested to resolve the dinosaur mystery do not necessarily exclude
each other. It may happen that they all contain just different projections
of the same truth.

One more dinosaur extinction theory :

“There is another Sun in the sky, a Demon Sun we cannot see. Long ago,
even before great grandmother’s time, the Demon Sun attacked our Sun.
Comets fell, and a terrible winter overtook the Earth. Almost all life was
destroyed. The Demon Sun has attacked many times before. It will attack

And the scientific story begins with the question: are mass extinctions periodic?

TeV scale gravity, mirror universe, and … dinosaurs
Z.K. Silagadze (Novosibirsk, IYF
Sep 1999 – 35 pages

This is somewhat extended version of the talk given at the Gran Sasso Summer Institute: Massive Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics. It describes general ideas about mirror world, extra spatial dimensions and dinosaur extinction. Some suggestions are made how these seemingly different things can be related to each other.


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