Captivate VS Camtasia: What’s the difference?

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As an eLearning developer, I’ve come to know there are a number of development tools out there to serve our learning purposes. Like any job, a decision needs to be made as to which tool is best used to accomplish the task at hand. You wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to fix a toaster (unless it was broken beyond repair, then I’d say have at it.) In the case of eLearning, you wouldn’t want to use a tool that can’t accomplish the task.

Two of the most often used and requested eLearning development programs out there today are Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia. Both programs offer a wide variety of tools that assist in making web-based learning more interactive, intuitive, and overall fun. At the same time, there are some differences to take into consideration when deciding which one to…

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