Does size matter? More specifically, can a rock, a person, a car, a planet, an airplane, or a dinosaur exist at any arbitrary size? This is a fundamental scientific question, and yet for the most part the science community has sidestepped this simple question. Since the science community has not clarified why animals cannot be any size, science fiction writers have had fun playing with the idea that animals can be many times larger or many times smaller than their normal size. While many of us may enjoy the entertaining movies showing people or other animals the wrong size, this is not helping to clarify to the public that size really does matter. Galileo’s Square-Cube Law explains why size matters, and in fact Galileo’s Square-Cube Law is such a fundamental scientific truth that science is hardly science without it.

Year after year we watch science fiction movies showing creatures that are the wrong size. We may wonder what is wrong with this picture; what, if anything, limits the size of animals. But since Galileo’s Square-Cube Law was not included in our elementary science education most people fail to recognize that size matters.


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