the Myth of Race

Uploaded on Jan 31, 2008

One of the leading authorities on race and science, Troy Duster discusses how the understanding of race is being reshaped by the genomics revolution. Sometimes unintentionally and sometimes not so innocently, genomics may be generating a new and more sophisticated racism, not so different from the eugenics-based and criminological racism that flourished in decades gone by. Series: “Voices” [7/2007] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Science] [Show ID: 13008]

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2010

A panel from GRCC including Tim Hoving, Laurie Foster, Matt Douglas, and Sarah Krajewski presents Not a Trace of Race Biologically Speaking: How Science Refutes the Myth of Race as part of the 2010 Race & Ethnicity Conference.

Uploaded on Jan 31, 2008

In this Hitchcock Lecture from UC Berkeley, evolutionary geneticist Richard Lewontin reviews a number of studies on the genetic differentiation between individuals within local populations, of local populations within classic geographical races and between races. He shows that almost all human genetic variation is contained between individuals within any local population and that the consequences of repeated migrations, invasions, and mixture between groups destroys any clear racial boundaries. Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures [2/2004] [Humanities] [Science] [Show ID: 8456]


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