Intelligence and consciousness. Artifical intelligence and conscious robots? Soul and immortality.

Klaus Rohde

Much recent attention has been given to studies of the brain and questions of artificial intelligence and consciousness. Here I discuss some relevant aspects from a philosophical point of view.

The famous physicist and proponent of string theory, Brian Greene, recently (March/April 2016) participated in a discussion on ABC (Australian) television dealing with important recent developments in science. He raised exciting developments in string theory, the theory of multiverses, and artificial intelligence. Defending the value of pure science and the importance of supporting scientific work even if it has no foreseeable practical, i.e. economic, applications, he asked the audience if they would not be interested in knowing whether there are duplicates of themselves in other universes, and whether they would not like to become immortal by having their consciousness imprinted in silicon molecules, thus preserving it for eternity (my phrase)? He (Greene) certainly would!

Stephen Wolfram, the famous…

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